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Residential and Commercial Real Estate since 2003


I believe in Real Estate. I know it is the best way to secure your future. 

Financially, real estate is the basis of all real wealth.

Companies, and their stock shares, come and go. Even businesses fade. Nothing lasts forever, except real estate.

Real estate is also your home . 

Your sense of place in the world and sometimes that is more important. A safe sanctary to recharge and connect with family and loved ones. 

I love all of it.

I have been doing Real Etate since 2003.

I have worked at large brokerage houses, and small boutiques. 

I have been thru two of the largest housing bubbles, yes now included, and one crash, 2006-2008.

I work in commercial real estate for the analytical side. And I love warehouses.

I work in Residential real estate, for the part of me that loves to see and create beautiful spaces.. So I dabble in the staging of your home with you for fun.

​It is the best career in the world.

My Herstory

​I began my real estate at REMAX in Marina Del Real ey during the Venice Real Estate boom. It was a heady time as the city was changing and all of us with it.  My first sale was for 1,895,000. and I went on to sell a 3 million dollar property on Abbot Kinney. I was hooked.

 Then came 2006, I was at Keller Williams and had become a "Green Icon" for KW international. "green" was the buzz and I spoke at the Family Reunion for KW International conventions, and NAR, educating clients and other Realtors about Green building and life styles. It was my passion. I earned every certification there was to get. EcoBroker, GBP for Build it Green and NAR green for the National Association of Realtors. 

And then the crash came. Everything changed again. It was all about "Short Sales, "foreclosures, and revamping the lending system. I had long escrows talking to asset managers and doing our negotiations over the phone. 

I took three homes and remodel them "green" with green features and we all slowy recovered. 

Now the markets has swung again and we are in a very "hot" market. All things come in cycles, especially Real Estate.

New neighborhoods are booming and the prices are higher then we ever expected. We have Silicon Beach now and Abbot Kinney is "Luxury" shopping and eateries.

Some of us that have been around for awhile have stepped back. But I am still here, excited for what is coming around the corner. Real Estate, It's the best!!



                   who AM I ?

You know, not all agents are the same, and not all agents do the same things, and not all agents have the same level of experience, expertise, skill and ability and not all agents generate the same results. 

A successful sale does not happen by accident, it happens on purpose.
 My business plan is a detailed road map of the home selling or buying process from start to finish. The plan is divided into three phases Phase One: What we do prior to putting the house on the market, or making an 
Phase Two: What we do when we are ready to buy or sell the home Phase Three: What we do during the Negotiation, escrow and closing process.
Each phase of the plan is driven by strategy and execution, the right strategy, and
detailed execution. I believe in doing specific things in a very specific way to produce the desired outcome we both want to achieve.
  • Help the buyer/seller get clear about what they want, and what they will or won't do to get what they want 
  • Help the buyer/seller understand the best strategies to get what they want. Then give them a plan to help them reach their goals together
  • Clear explanations of the buying and selling process
  • Friendly and informed on going communication.
  • Strong negotiation skills 
  • Staging

​This is what you can expect from me...

to bring a level of expertise and service that exceeds your expectations.  

I will tell you what I know and what I think, while letting you make the final decisions.

You see, I know when we work together as a team, I repeatedly get the best price, with the best terms, in the shortest amount of time, for my clients.

What I do for my clients: